Set Up RStudio Cloud

Thanks for your interest in learning R. For the workshop, we will be using RStudio as our interface to R. RStudio Cloud allows you to access RStudio and R for free using a web browser. You will not have to install the software on your personal computer.

Please note that RStudio Cloud works well for teaching, but installing the software on your own computer is strongly recommended for using R after the workshop. Please see the instructions here to install on your personal computer.

To use Rstudio Cloud, copy this link and paste it in a web browser:

This URL is the link to all of the course materials hosted on RStudio Cloud as a project. If you do not have an RStudio Cloud account, you will see this screen when you first visit the URL:

You can setup an account for free using a login you create or through a third-party (Google or GitHub).

After your account is setup, you should a screen that looks something like this:

You’ll see that this is a TEMPORARY PROJECT under your account, so make sure to make it a permanent project by clicking the button on top. This will save any changes you make to this project under your account.

This project includes all of the files for the course website, so there is a lot of stuff. For each training module, you’ll want to pull up the appropriate R script to follow along (e.g., R_Basics.R).