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Import data from the Water Quality Portal


read_importwqp(org, type, trace = F)



chr string indicating the organization identifier, see details


chr string indicating data type to download, one of "wq" or "fib"


logical indicating whether to display progress messages, default FALSE


A data frame containing the imported data for the selected county


This function retrieves data from the Water Quality Portal API ( for selected counties in or around the Tampa Bay watershed. The type of data returned are defined by the type argument as either "wq" or "fib" for water quality of Fecal Indicator Bacteria data, respectively.

The org argument retrieves data for the specific organization. Valid entries for org include "21FLCOSP_WQX" (City of St. Petersburg), "21FLDOH_WQX" (Florida Department of Health), "21FLHILL_WQX" (Hillsborough County), "21FLMANA_WQX" (Manatee County), "21FLPASC_WQX" (Pasco County), "21FLPDEM_WQX" (Pinellas County), "21FLPOLK_WQX" (Polk County), or "21FLTPA_WQX" (Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Southwest District). The naming convention follows the Organization ID in the Water Quality Portal.

The function fetches results and station metadata, combines and formats them using the read_formwqp function, and returns the processed data as a data frame. Parameters are specific to the type argument.

See also


if (FALSE) {
# get Manatee County water quality data
mancodata <- read_importwqp(org = '21FLMANA_WQX', type = 'wq', trace = T)

# get Pinellas County FIB data
pincodata <- read_importwqp(org = '21FLPDEM_WQX', type = 'fib', trace = T)