Tidal creeks or tributaries are essential habitats in the Tampa Bay Estuary and serve as important focal points for understanding watershed inputs that affect water quality. A fundamental goal of the Tampa Bay Estuary Program is to develop effective nutrient management strategies to support the ecological function of tidal tributaries. In partnership with Sarasota Bay NEP, Coastal & Heartland NEP, and local government and agency stakeholders, preliminary methods have been developed for assessing the health of tidal tributaries for fisheries based on exceedances of nitrogen concentrations [1,2]. These assessments can support tracking of water quality management goals and can help refine restoration and management plans in priority tributaries, including those in need of hydrologic restoration that can support critical nursery habitats for sportfishes.

The tbeptools package includes a simple features spatial data object of the population of tidal creeks in southwest Florida, called tidalcreeks(). This includes 580 polyline features designated by a water body ID (wbid), creek id (JEI), and FDEP class (class, 1 for potable water, 2 for shellfish harvesting or propagation, and 3F/3M for freshwater/marine fish consumption, recreation, propagation and maintenance of a healthy, well-balanced population of fish and wildlife).

mapview(tidalcreeks, homebutton = F, legend = F)