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Import JSON seagrass transect data from Water Atlas


read_transect(training = FALSE, raw = FALSE)



logical if training data are imported or the complete database


logical indicating if raw, unformatted data are returned, see details


data frame


The function imports a JSON file from the USF Water Atlas. If training = TRUE, a dataset from the TBEP training survey is imported from If training = FALSE, the entire transect survey database is imported from

Abundance is reported as a numeric value from 0 -5 for Braun-Blanquet coverage estimates, blade length is in cm, and short shoot density is number of shoots per square meter. The short density is corrected for quadrat size included in the raw data.

If raw = TRUE, the unformatted data are returned. The default is to use formatting that allows the raw data to be used with the downstream functions. The raw data may have extra information that may be of use outside of the plotting functions in this package.


if (FALSE) {
# get training data
transect <- read_transect(training = TRUE)

# import all transect data
transect <- read_transect()