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wqtrends 1.4.2

CRAN release: 2024-01-26

  • show_trndseason() has option usearrow to plot points as up or down arrows for trend direction
  • show_metseason() no longer returns ambiguous error if yrstr or yrend are NULL
  • show_mettrndseason() function added to plot trend and seasonal metrics in a single plot
  • All show_*() functions no longer have serif base font
  • Added col argument for line color to show_prdseries()
  • Added GitHub URLs to DESCRIPTION

wqtrends 1.4.1

CRAN release: 2023-08-17

  • Initial CRAN submission.
  • anlz_gam() has try silent, shows cat message about knots instead
  • Shortened examples in help documentation to reduce runtime
  • Update tests for show_metseason() and anlz_gam() to increase coverage
  • Changed README links to pass CRAN checks
  • Added CITATION file
  • Added NEWS file

wqtrends 1.4.0

  • Added annual argument to anlz_pred() to return predictions only for the cont_year smoother
  • Vignette clarity on the appropriate type of data for use with the package
  • Fix to window centering and help file clarification for anlz_trndseason()
  • Fix for values less than zero if trans is log10 in anlz_trans()
  • Returned anlz_avgseason() function to package, this was previously removed for a more generic version of the function
  • Added anlz_sumtrndseason() and show_sumtrndseason() for evaluating trends with multiple window widths in a single plot
  • Added useave argument to show_meatseason() to use anlz_avgseason() for the estimate, this decreases computation time
  • Added base_size argument to most plot function to change the base font sizes
  • Fix where season day of year range was hard-coded in show_sumtrndseason()
  • Added show_trndseason2() as modification to show_trndseason() to plot summaries in seasonal quarters
  • Added documentation update about suppressing trend lines in show_metseason()
  • Added documentatoin about the default transformation in anlz_gam()
  • Fix to anlz_prdmatrix() for start of date origin when using doystr and doyend
  • Added dispersion parameter to output of anlz_avgseason() and anlz_metseason()
  • Added yromit argument to omit years from the plot and trend with show_metseason()
  • Added xlim and ylim argument to most plot functions

wqtrends 1.3.0

wqtrends 1.2.0

  • Addition of functions for calculating generic seasonal metrics

wqtrends 1.1.0

  • Update for manuscript draft

wqtrends 1.0.0

  • First release